Clean colours. Lightweight fabrics. High stretch. Moisture-wicking. All knitted in our well known fit. Made for a ride around the corner or a serious competition.
Low friction

PROLEN® yarn is the market’s lightest type of yarn for manufacturing socks. This makes PÉVÈLO socks lighter and thinner than other socks available on the market. Combined with elastane, our socks sit tight on the foot and reduce the friction between shoe and foot. This reduces the risk of blisters and other irritations inyour shoes, and it guarantees you several more miles of greater comfort.

High abrasion resistance

For every step or pedal stroke you take, your feet move. This exposes your socks to a huge amount of wear and tear. At PÉVÈLO, we take durability seriously. We want to provide you with socks that last mile after mile – under all conditions. PÉVÈLO socks are made from PROLEN® yarn which has a wear resistance 2.5 times higher than classic yarn used for manufacturing of socks. That’s why PÉVÈLO socks are perfect for cycling and running, regardless of the weather.

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