Why choose PÉVÈLO?

Comfortable socks

Comfort is the key to success at PÉVÈLO

Our socks are made of innovative PROLEN® yarn. PROLEN® yarn has the unique property of adapting to the temperature of your skin. This is due to its ability to absorb virtually no moisture. The yarn wicks moisture away from the skin and draws it out through the socks. This way your feet can stay dry in hot conditions, and as well as drying quickly in wet conditions. Plus, the yarn is naturally odor repellant, meaning that our socks also don’t absorb odors either!


High abrasion resistance

Is there anything worse than holes in your favorite socks?

For every step or pedal stroke you take, your feet move. This exposes your socks to a huge amount of wear and tear. At PÉVÈLO, we take durability seriously. We want to provide you with socks that last mile after mile – under all conditions. PÉVÈLO socks are made from PROLEN® yarn which has a wear resistance 2.5 times higher than classic yarn used for manufacturing of socks. That’s why PÉVÈLO socks are perfect for cycling and running, regardless of the weather.


Low friction

Blisters or only comfortable miles? 

PROLEN® yarn is the market’s lightest type of yarn for manufacturing socks. This makes PÉVÈLO socks lighter and thinner than other socks available on the market. Combined with elastane, our socks sit tight on the foot and reduce the friction between shoe and foot. This reduces the risk of blisters and other irritations in your shoes, and it guarantees you several more miles of greater comfort.


High colour strength

Should your white socks be white or grey?

Traditional dyeing of yarn is typically performed applying a dye to the outside of the yarn after it has been wound. This means that the colour washes out quickly, making the socks looks worn and dirty. However, the dyeing of PROLEN® yarn takes place during winding, and not after the yarn has been wound. This ensures that our socks have greater color strength and retain their color even after many washes. At the same time, the color remains in the yarn and doesn’t transfer to your skin during activity, which is much better for your health.