Alternativ til plastic?

Our promises

100% Recyclable

  • All our bottles are made from raw materials that are 100% recyclable.

100% Foodsafe

  • All PÉVÈLO bottles have passed European regulations and directives on food-safety. Our production plant is accredited according to the ISO22000 standard.

100% Environment commitment

  • Where single use plastics are coming in for close scrutiny in the Worlds media due to the build up of this waste in the sea and the harm to marine life plus, the unnecessary filling of landfill sites. Are cyclable product becomes even more useful.

Living circular

The circular economy and curricular economic policy are aimed at reducing the use of raw materials, promoting reuse and recycling and limiting waste production, thus reducing the ecological footprint of human activity. The underlying idea of human activity is to deplete the earth, both in terms of natural resources and the quality of life.

The bottles from PÉVÈLO are 100% recyclable so no fossil raw materials are tapped for a new plastic production.

Reasons to make the plastics chain more circular include the use of scarce raw materials for environmental pollution in the production of raw materials and the production of plastic and finally environmental pollution caused by plastic waste in the form of plastic soup, litter and environmental pollution during dumping and incineration.

Join us, together we are committed to a more sustainable world!


Bio based explanation

“Traditionally, the plastic (polyethylene) used for packaging and bottles is made from petroleum. For that purpose, that petroleum is successively refined into naphtha and cracked into ethylene. The production of petroleum and processing into plastic costs energy, is sensitive to environmental pollution and produces a lot of carbon dioxide. The latter contributes to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

You can also use ethanol to produce ethylene. This raw material arises, for example, when you allow agricultural products such as sugar cane. You can make plastic from that ethanol, it has exactly the same composition and quality as plastic made from petroleum. Durable, not degradable in nature, but excellent to recycle!

The big advantage of Biobasedplastic compared to traditional plastic is that it produces significantly less carbon dioxide (CO2). In fact, an important producer claims that if you include the cultivation of sugar cane, the production of 1 tonneof biobasedplastic more than twice the weight of CO2 from the atmosphere.”

We believe that if you want to contributing to a better environment, you can opt for a Bio based bottle.


Food safety

The plastic bottles and the production process of PÉVÈLO are food safe. This means that the bottles are suitable for food. There is no exchange of harmful or unhealthy substances between the bottle and its contents. We produce according to European laws and regulations. Of course, our end products are tested intensively. We produces under ISO9001 and ISO22000 certifications.



ISO9001 is an international standard for quality management. Our factory's quality management system has been certified by Lloyds Register. In this way we give our customers the confidence that we can continue to meet their wishes and the legal requirements that apply. The emphasis here is on 'permanent'. Because the market, the legislation and the wishes of customers change over time.



Providing packaging to protect your food is something we take very seriously. The shape, colour, dimensions and sealing of your packaging are of the highest quality. And – at least as important – we produce the packaging in a clean and safe environment. Moreover, the materials we use for your packaging comply with the latest legislation and regulations in the field of food contact materials. Lloyds Register has certified our factory according to the ISO22000 standard.